EJCAP Special issue 2014: Calm pets, happy vets

(07.10.2014) How can you turn a snarling, snappy dog in your consultation into a well-behaved patient? Changing the mindset of dogs and counterconditioning are the key words in Sophia Yin*’s paper on Reducing stress and fear aggression in the clinic.

Read the tips of the trade in the 2014 Special issue on animal behaviour of EJCAP, the official journal of FECAVA.

The interactive CPD journal contains the usual wealth of (e.g. how do adult dogs get pups to behave?), quizzes (test your knowledge on treatment against separation anxiety), downloads (handouts for clients on how they can get their pet to enjoy car rides), soundbites (can you tell a meow from a yowl?) and tips (managing dogs with noise phobia).

Guest Editor for this Special issue on behaviour is Milos Urban (Czech republic), who highlights the importance of behavioural medicine in everyday practice in the editorial video.


  • Dog and cat socialisation: a sound base for self-assured and friendly pets, by Joël Dehasse (Belgium)
  • Cat communication: fear, aggression, body language and social relationships in cats, by Kersti Seksel (Australia).
  • Pop! Bang! Whizzz! Management and prevention of noise phobia in pets, by Jon Bowen (UK)
  • Home Alone: Diagnosis and treatment of separation anxiety, by Clara Palestrini (Italy)


The issue also contains updates on the Blue Dog bite prevention programme, book reviews, the FECAVA/Laboklin travel bursary, Jerzy Gawor’s visit to the Ukraine earlier this year and more!

EJCAP is open access for all veterinary practitioners, students and nurses in Europe and beyond.

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