Royal Canin launches Hypoallergenic Moderate Energy Royal Canin launches Hypoallergenic Moderate Energy

(08.05.2009) Food intolerance and dermatological problems in dogs account for around 20% of veterinary consultations, and both problems often go hand in hand with the dog being prone to weight gain.

Until now, it has been difficult to use diet to help manage the condition – the right diet for the skin has not been helpful with weight management, despite the fact that around 40% of dogs are already overweight.

With the launch of Hypoallergenic Moderate Energy, Royal Canin has become the first veterinary diet manufacturer to offer a hypoallergenic product specifically designed for the nutritional support of neutered and mature dogs with a tendency to weight gain. Ideal for use in cases of food allergies with cutaneous and/or gastrointestinal signs, food intolerance and food elimination trials.

The special formula uses moderate fat and high protein to reduce the calorie levels, but still provides enough food for the dog to feel satisfied. Like its sister product, Hypoallergenic, Hypoallergenic Moderate Energy uses the clinically proven efficiency of soy hydrolysate as an ultra-digestible and very low allergenic protein source.

In fact, the two products can be used in combination as part of a weight control programme in an allergic dog, because they use the same raw materials.

Ultimate performance in terms of skin and GI tract health are delivered by using very high amounts of biotin, niacin and pantothenic acid, in combination with a zinc-linoleic complex, to reduce water loss through the skin and support its barrier effect. The use of EPA-DHA helps modulate skin problems, and helps maintain the integrity of the digestive tract.

Because allergy problems are often for life, Royal Canin has formulated Hypoallergenic Moderate Energy to provide a reduced phosphorus content, which is the key to helping support renal function with age. This means that dogs can stay on Hypoallergenic Moderate Energy as they get older.

Royal Canin marketing director Dr. Pauline Devlin says: “Hypoallergenic Moderate Energy is a major breakthrough, because it enables the management of two different conditions which often present together but require a significantly different veterinary and nutritional approach.

The product is also extremely palatable and satisfying, which are both very important – palatability levels make the difference to whether owners stick to a clinical diet for their dog, while satisfaction is an essential element of any food designed to help control weight.”

Royal Canin Hypoallergenic Moderate Energy is available in 1.5, 7 and 14kg bags.