Intervet Intervet/Schering-Plough Animal Health sponsors peer-reviewed website on chicken anemia virus

(11.03.2009) A peer-reviewed website about chicken infectious anemia has been launched under the sponsorship of Intervet/Schering-Plough Animal Health.

The website — — is intended to give poultry veterinarians and other avian specialists around the globe easy access to valuable information about the disease, says Dr. Aris Malo, a global technical service veterinarian for the company.

“This is the first peer-reviewed website in the poultry industry to focus on this specific subject,” he says. “The goal is to provide current news about the disease as well as references and information about the prevention of chicken infectious anemia. The material will be updated regularly and is reviewed and supervised by experts in the field,” Malo says.

Chicken infectious anemia is caused by chicken anemia virus (CAV), he explains. Although it can infect chickens of all ages, outbreaks of the disease are usually seen in birds less than 2 weeks of age. Signs include depression, huddling and lesions — usually on the wings. Death may occur in some cases.

The most serious economic consequence of CAV infection is immunosuppression in broilers, which results in sub-clinical disease and has been shown to cause poor performance, Malo says.

CAV also predisposes broilers to other serious diseases and the virus has been associated with increased condemnation rates at slaughter. “CAV infection is an economically significant disease in the poultry industry, but it can be successfully controlled with vaccination and sound biosecurity,” he adds.

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