Bayer Animal Health launches Renalzin for Cats

(09.05.2009) Bayer HealthCare’s Animal Health division is set to unveil an innovative new feed additive for the management of feline renal disease with the launch of Renalzin®, a product option proven to support kidney function in ageing cats.

Renalzin for Cats The easy-to-administer supplement could enhance the management of Chronic Renal Disease (CRD), the leading cause of morbidity and mortality, especially in older cats 1).

One-third of all cats over 15 years suffer from chronic renal disease 2) but it often remains undetected until the cat falls suddenly ill, by which stage 85% of kidney function may have already been lost 3).

Researchers believe that an estimated 10% of all cats above 7 years of age actually suffer from CRD. The symptoms may be subtle and non-specific, and diagnosis is complicated by the fact that changes in laboratory values occur relatively late in the disease.

Dr. Dennis Chew, veterinary urology and nephrology specialist at the Ohio State University: “Most veterinarians understand that CRD affects many cats especially as they age and is a leading cause of death. CRD is difficult to identify in early stages – early intervention with treatment can prevent progression of CRD to those with more serious kidney deficits.

Restriction of dietary phosphorus intake is known to be a pivotal beneficial step in the stabilization of CRD. Renalzin® provides a well-tolerated, palatable liquid formulation of a dietary phosphate binder that prevents phosphorus absorption across the intestine – a beneficial effect is gained when added to the cat's normal diet or to a veterinary renal diet”.

The main ingredient of Renalzin® is Bayer-registered Lantharenol® (lanthanum carbonate) 4), a phosphate binder derived from the latest research in renal failure. It is taken with meals and binds to dietary phosphate within the gastrointestinal tract, preventing absorbtion of phosporous from the gastrointestinal tract into the bloodstream. In this way it reduces the burden of elevated phosphorus and helps to protect the kidneys.

The innovative CRD product contains two additional ingredients – kaolin and vitamin E. Kaolin is a toxin binder which helps to reduce the absorption of toxins from the gastrointestinal tract. Vitamin E is known to reduce free radicals, improving immunity and protecting the integrity of cell membranes.

Clinical studies demonstrate that Renalzin® causes significant decreases in phosphate digestibility (absorption) in cats that are on both high and lower phosphate diets 5). Studies have also shown that Renalzin® causes a decrease in serum phosphate levels in cats with standard maintenance diets non-restricted in phosphorus.

Finally, a clinical trial in feline CRD patients revealed that taking Renalzin® resulted in improvements in general clinical examination parameters as assessed by their veterinarians over a two month period in cats on a normal diet 6).

Margaret Fairhurst, Head of Global Marketing at Bayer Animal Health: “Due to better care and better veterinary treatment the lifespan of cats is increasing. With an 80-year track record we at Bayer Animal Health have developed scientific excellence in the veterinary field second to none and have helped to create treatments and applications that have shaped the animal health industry. Renalzin® is the latest innovative solution, helping to maintain cat health.”

Renalzin® comes in a pump applicator that is very easy to use: one pump meters out 1 ml, and 2 ml is the recommended daily dose applied to and/or mixed with the cat’s food. It can be given once or twice daily depending on the cat’s feeding regimen.